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PHONE NUMBER:_________________________________


CITY:______________________________STATE:_______ ZIP CODE:___________________

EMAIL ADDRESS:_________________________________________

QUILT DESCRIPTION:_________________________________________

DATE NEEDED (if sooner than regular stated turn around time 8-10 weeks):___/____/____


ORIENTATION: ( )vertical ( )horizontal ( )no preference or difference

TOP OF QUILT MARKED: ( )yes ( ) no ( ) no preference or difference

QUILTING OPTIONS: ( ) overall/pantograph to edge of fabric ($14/sq yd)

( ) outline quilted ( ) quilt in ditch ( ) custom/motifs ($22/sq yd)

Minimum quilting charge of $25 for overall quilting and $55 for custom/outline quilting

There is a charge of $10 per additional border

To figure square yard, multiply the length by the width of your quilt top. Then divide that figure by 1296.

QUILT SIZE:length_______ width_________ SQ YDS IN QUILT:_________ (length x width divided by 1296)

ADDITIONAL BORDERS:_____________ x $10 each $__________

PATTERN CHOICE:_________________________________________________

THREAD COLOR:_______________________________ ($2-5 extra for varigated thread)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>QUILTING COST:________________

BATTING customer enclosed: ( )yes ( )no...... purchased from JQM: ( )yes or ( )no

Use customer batt-enclosed with quilt-please make sure that batting is 8" wider & 8" longer than quilt top-add $2.00

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>USE CUSTOMER BATT:________________

When ordering batting from JQM, please add 8" to length & 8" to width measurement to both polyester and cotton batting

To figure square yard of batting (after you add the 8" to the length and 8" to the width), multiply that length by that width. Then divide that figure by 1296.

( )AirLite Polyester batt/ 8oz -100" wide: $5.50 per yard ($.153 per inch) _______ inches/yards

( )Soft & Bright Polyester batt/4 oz -90" wide: $5.05 per yard ($5.14 per inch) ______ inches/yards

( )Warm & Natural 100% Cotton bat/124" wide: $10.70 per yard ($.297 per inch) or $3.11 per sq yd _______yards/sq yds/inches

( )Warm 80/20 Cotton/Poly batt____ /110" wide:$7.40 per yard ($.206 per inch) or $2.43 per sq yd _______yards/sq yds/inches

Prewash & dry JQM cotton batt: ( )yes ( )no -- add 3% to measurement (for shrinkage)

Add $5 (for prewshing & dry JQM batting) to batting cost if answered yes to prewash & dry

Sq yards________ x Batting cost $___________ +$5 for me to prewash & dry (if applicable)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BATTING COST:________________

BACKING customer enclosed: ( )yes ( )no.... purchased from JQM: ( )yes ( )no

please add 8" to length & 8" to width measurement to both polyester and cotton batting

Customer wants JQM to prewash & dry JQM backing: ( )yes ( )no

(add $5 to backing cost if answered yes to wash & dry)

JQM backing fabric is 108" wide & cost is $5.25/yard - Yards needed:_____________

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BACKING COST:__________________

BINDING customer enclosed 1 yard of fabric x 42-44 wide" (more for larger quilts)......measured inches x $.04

(Measured inches=length+length+width+width of quilt top)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BINDING COST:__________________

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ADDITIONAL COST:_________________

ESTIMATED SHIPPING, HANDLING & INSURANCE (1 quilt - $25.........2 quilts - $35)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ESTIMATED SHIPPING COST:__________________


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Add 7% SALES TAX :__________________

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TOTAL ENCLOSED/DUE:__________________


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