Pookie's Collection of Poems by Shado

flowers in november
are great to remember
and chocolate goes far
in a box or a bar
a seat for two
can make romance seem new
and a hug and a smile
can go a mile

..............written by a shado


I have a plant
it lives in a pot
i look after it
an awful lot
its green leaves glow
as daily it grows
it drinks my water
and never gets shorter

there is a question
i have always had
can loving owners
end up looking
like their plant?

i have a pet
she is a dog
with a tennis ball
she is a hog
a huge wagging tail
that never seems to fail
and the love for a bone
that she eats alone

there is a question
i have always had
can loving owners
end up looking
like their pet

i'll tell you the answer
if i ever go green
get an itch
that can only be fleas
if i ever get fungus
and my own ball
this is the end
of my tale thats tall
i'm stepping out now
to wag my tail
and to chase that postman
he's got my mail

...........................................written by a shado


In times of darkness
when the shadows come
and our troubles seem so vast
no matter how small they are
they always seem to last

As the sleepless nights
strip away the soul
we always toss and turn
and our minds seem cast
to only think of disasters
that have long been past

But behind the shadows
an angel always lurks
she showers us with golden a light
that keeps the nightmares on the run
the creatures chased from our minds
and out of our hearts all sadness leaps
all our thoughts and dreams return

we all have these wonderful angels
they hide themselves in our friends
or in a stranger that we can not name
a kind person whose aim is to mend
their spirit silently sweeps through us
it can clean and fix the damages done
to my magical secret angel
your warmth is like the sun

..........written by a shado(for nani,a far away angel)


a "hug and a kiss " for you
just because you are you
a look and a stare
is all i dare
as my feet turn to jelly
i get a feeling in my belly
and i had to ask......
why are you so cute.

..........written by a shado


may the birds sing
the flowers bloom
to wash away any gloom
may the sky stay bright
and the clouds stay away
can make romance seem new
and let it rain another day

..............written by a shado


Another week is almost here,
Should i dance or shout or cheer,
If weekends were five days long,
Getting through the week would be a song,
Its times like this i wonder why,
monday to friday makes me cry....

.........written by a shado


I hope your week is full of sun
Lots of smiles and lots of fun
I hope your days are filled with love
Lots of kisses lots of hugs
I hope your hours bring so much joy
Lots of music lots to sing

Every minute of our lives
Makes hours days and weeks
Take some time to stop and think
What makes up that special link

.......written by a shado


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