Once I have received your order, please allow 8-10 weeks for your quilt to be completed. If I receive your order by mail, payment must be received before I will mail out your quilt. You can send the payment with your order or I can send or email you an invoice when the quilting is complete. Payment can be made by check or money order or by PayPal. Finished quilt will be shipped out UPS and insured for $200 per quilt. Estimated shipping, handling, and insurance charges are $25 for one quilt and $35 for 2 quilts. These costs will vary due to ship to location and size of box. I can notify you after quilt is shipped for the exact shipping & handling cost and adjust your total due.

PLEASE make sure your quilt top is pressed and in reasonably good condition. Check for tucks and loose or raw seams. We both will be happier with the results if the quilt top is pressed, lays relatively flat and has very few tucks. I have found that polyester blend fabric will stretch and produce a fuller top in places. If there are any repairs that need to be done, I will notify you before quilting is started. Small problems can be fixed during the quilting process. Please note there will be a fee charged for repairs that I do to the quilt top or backing.


SOLID COLORS:white, eggshell, dyed natural, coronado (lt beige), taupe beige, camel, rustana, moghar brown, walnut, silver(gray), soft taupe, black, chambray, slate steel, Bermuda blue, marine, yale blue, navy blue, ocean mist, sea green, blue jay, hunter, dark myrtle, bottle green(forest), lt leghorn, lemon, Egyptian topaz, tea rose(lt peach), melon, pumpkin, pink, mauve pink, soft lt thistle, may rose(dk mauve), American beauty(rose), toca orchid, orchid, soft deep lilac, purple, wine plum, burgundy, lt strawberry, red, clear/monofilament (for wallhangings only).

VARIEGATED THREAD COLORS: victorian, brights, holiday, stars & stripes (red-white-blue), denims, blue skies, island waters, aqua waters, St Thomas (yellow-aqua-blues), grassy greens, grayish greens, Garden (purple-blue), purple haze, dusty mauves, strawberry shortcake, rose petals, lemon chiffon, golden harvest, peachy tones and mocha fudge.

There is an additional $2-5 charge for use of the variegated threads(depending on size of quilt and if varigated thread is used on top and bottom) . Please email me to inquire about other thread colors not listed that may soon be available.


Overall (pantograph) design - $14 per square yard

Custom-outline, motifs with or without one border - $22 per square yard

(Minimum quilting charge of $25 for overall designs and $55 for custom/outline. There is also an extra $10 for each additional border after the first border. Prices listed above do not include batting, backing or binding)

Square yard is figured by multiplying the length by width of your quilt top. Then divide that figure by 1296.


Airlite Polyester batt/8 oz - 100" wide - $5.50 per yard ($.153 per inch)

Soft & Bright Polyester/4 oz - 90" wide - $5.05 per yard ($.14 per inch)

Cotton batt (Warm & Natural-available in natural color) 124" wide - $10.70 per yard ($.297 per inch) or $3.11 per square yard

Cotton-Polyester batt (NEW Warm 80/20 - white color) 110" wide - $7.40 per yard ($.206 per inch) or $2.43 per square yard

The cotton batt is 100% cotton and 124" wide. It can be purchased by the yard or by the square yard. Warm 80/20-cotton polyester batting is 80% cotton & 20% polyester and is 110" wide. It can be purchased by the yard or square yard. I can prewash either of these batting for you before quilting (there is a $5 charge to prewash & dry it). There is about a 3% shrinkage in the 100% cotton batting and about 1% shrinkage in the 80/20 cotton batting.

If you are purchasing batting from me, please add 8" to the length and 8" to the width. You can figure square yard by adding 8" to the length and to the width, then multiplying the length by the width of your quilt top after adding the 8". Then divide that figure by 1296.

If you decide to furnish batting, batting must be at least 8" longer and 8" wider than quilt top and there is a $2 charge to use your batting.


108" wide - 100% cotton - white - $5.25 per yard

Please add 8" to the length and width of your quilt top before figuring the yards of backing needed.

I can prewash & dry my backing fabric before I quilt it if you prefer for an extra $5.

If you decide to furnish backing, backing must be at least 8" longer and 8"wider than quilt top.


I can apply the binding to the finished quilt at $.04 per measured inch. You will need to furnish at least 1 yard of 42-44" wide fabric (depending on the size of your quilt top-larger quilts require more fabric). I use straight grain strips for binding and make mitered corners. Then I machine finish the binding to the front. I can also turn the backing up and over the top for binding if preferred.

View some examples of my work:





I thank you for your interest in my machine quilting. Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments you may have or to request a copy of my brochure. I will handle your quilts with the best possible care and I pride myself in my work. Happy quilting.

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